Guatemala 2

Joyfully left Flores for the stunningly beautiful Lake Atitlan. I arrived at the Lake on Sunday afternoon; after taking an early boat across Lake Peten Itza to Flores, then a tuk tuk to the airport, a 45 minute plane ride brought me to Guatemala City. Then a shuttle van/colectivo from Guatemala City to Antigua, then … Continue reading Guatemala 2


I left San Cristobal at 5:00 am on Monday, traveling on the Ruta Maya (Mayan Way), in a van, with a group of Mexican tourists. I was pleased to get a good photo with my defunct cell phone, from the window of the speeding, weaving van, as we made our way down the mountains to … Continue reading GUATEMALA


In which Diana, on her retired farmer’s budget, actually spends money on something besides food, shelter and transportation! Transportation: The bus trip from Mexico City, as tourists call it, or “Mexico” or “D.F.” (Federal District), as the Mexicans call it, to Puebla was 2 hours. The trip from Puebla to Oaxaca is 5 hours. I … Continue reading OAXACA, MEXICO