Leaving Pachamama; Arriving in Portland, Oregon

15 thoughts on “Leaving Pachamama; Arriving in Portland, Oregon”

    1. Thank you, Amy. There are many things I miss about pachamama, when I think back on it. Your smile is one of them. Come and visit me in Portland ! We go dancing every day! I promise.


    1. I am not done yet, Will. I may go down to quarterly reports but I hope to be working in my book starting this summer. It depends on if my living situation remains unstable. I should be in my permanent place by September. Love to you and to Celeste!


  1. Hi Diana, Glad you are settling-in in Portland! It sounds like a good place for you to land. And how great for you that Eric is living there too! Happy spring! It’s cool and wet here too. Flowers are blooming and trees are leafing out. I’m looking forward to more consistent sunshine and warmer temps. Do take care. Thanks for your writing. I wish I was doing more of that. I will take some inspiration from you! Sending love your way….. ~kathy

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  2. That place sounded a little like some of the post offices I’ve heard about working in over the years. How great your lad looks–a nice surprise on your return. Hope there is much more of that in your future. Given all the places and curious situations you’ve written about, I’ve conclude that you were a Fuller Brush salesperson in another life.


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