Dublin, capital of and the largest city in the Republic of Ireland, is on Ireland’s east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey.  The city has an urban area population of 1,273,069. Founded as a Viking settlement, the Kingdom of Dublin became Ireland’s principal city following the Norman invasion. The city expanded rapidly from … Continue reading DELIGHTFUL DUBLIN


I traveled by train from Edinburgh to Forres, a town of 12,000; the nearest town to Findhorn Ecovillage, where I immersed myself in their Eco-experience Week, with 8 other folks – 2 American, 2 English, one Dutch, who lives in France, one Italian, one Indian. They became my brothers and sisters. Our guides, called  “folkalizers”, … Continue reading FINDHORN ECOVILLAGE COMMUNITY


On the road to incredible Edinburgh, a jewellike city in Great Britain that had the good fortune, unlike London, Bristol and Plymouth, to escape the devastating bombing in World War II. Their intact history is thrilling. I took a bus along the west coast of the country, then a train, to reach Edinburgh. I was … Continue reading INCREDIBLE EDINBURGH