Ubud, Bali

Ubud I arrived in Ubud almost two weeks ago. It is  a town of around 2500 Hindu Balinese, with at least that many tourists during the busy tourist time, especially Australians during their winter months of June, July,  August. There is a caste system and an extremely complex system for naming of children.  Australia closed … Continue reading Ubud, Bali

Community Nomad

FROM AUSTIN TO BALI This is my first blog on the professional bloggers’ website, wordpress. I love being a solo traveler but also love connecting with other travelers, new friends and old.  I am happy to be meeting up with Sandi in Bali. She’s a friend whom I met last year in Mexico. If anyone … Continue reading Community Nomad


MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE I had four life-changing, enlightening days in Memphis, TN. It’s hard to express how affected I was by Memphis, and the role that music played in forming the culture of the city and vice versa. I asked my four Wisconsin friends/sisters to meet me there for my birthday. We stayed at an airbnb … Continue reading Memphis


I spent three more days in Oregon and then regretfully left Carol’s extended family, multi-generational, rural, intentional community for Austin, where it would be warmer weather. After working outside for most of my adult life in the frigid states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, I have vowed never to be cold again. My last days in … Continue reading OREGON THREE